Sypwai: history, leaders, investments

SYPWAI is a new British startup headquartered in London. The history of the startup dates back to 2018. At that time SYPWAI executives Ngo Bao Chau and Abdigani Diriye carefully thought out the idea and all the necessary details. And a few months later, at one of the largest annual conferences dedicated to artificial intelligence, SYPWAI received a grant of $ 90 million as the best startup among those who participated in the grant competition. The heads of the startup immediately decided to invest all the funds received in SYPWAI and the result was not long in coming.


For almost a year and a half, day after day, the best scientists and IT specialists have diligently developed SYPWAI. The project management decided not to advertise the activities of SYPWAI at the beginning due to the uniqueness of the technologies and protection from cyber-attacks. But already in October 2020, SYPWAI announced its activities to the whole world. Since then and in the future, SYPWAI has constantly attracted investments. More and more investors interested in innovative technologies were ready to invest in artificial intelligence because the future is impossible without a neural network. In addition, the company’s growth has been quite rapid and stable. SYPWAI has become the perfect investment platform.

At that time, a trial version of the AI training platform was launched. Ordinary people were able to help SYPWAI develop and improve while receiving good money. People from all over the world take part in neural network training. This work does not require much effort, and the financial result always exceeds all expectations.

Tasks solved by Sypwai

Entering the market, SYPWAI has set itself the most daring tasks. The startup’s management understood that their product was unique, and the degree of responsibility was high. The slogan of the company says: “Solve your problem with AI” because with the AI developed by SYPWAI you can solve any problem.

AI helps to optimize production processes in enterprises and regulate costs. For example, any business using AI can automate processes that are beyond the power of humans. AI can also do monotonous tasks. According to statistics, on average, overall productivity triples after the introduction of information technology into business.

With the help of AI, you can also save energy resources, optimize energy consumption, which in turn will have a positive effect on the environment. The rational use of natural resources is now on the agenda. For any business, this is the most pressing question.

AI can also prevent and solve global environmental problems. For example, soon, with the support of partners, SYPWAI will be ready to offer a program to clean up the world’s oceans. Subsequently, it will be possible to cope with such problems as the glaciers melting, the extinction of rare species of animals and plants, and illegal deforestation.

Over time, the development of artificial intelligence in other areas such as medicine, education, construction, etc. will gain momentum. We will be able to avoid fatal mistakes arising from the human factor, increase life expectancy and find cures for incurable diseases. AI is a strategically important component of human development. This is a new step of evolution.

The operation principle, the technologies used, the Raspberry Pi device

The SYPWAI operation principle is as simple as possible, but at the same time, it works like a Swiss watch. To start artificial intelligence training, you need to purchase a special SYPWAI device, download the app, read the QR code and follow the instructions. For artificial intelligence training, SYPWAI attracts users from all over the world. To become a part of the project, you do not have to be an artificial intelligence expert, it is enough to have a desire to develop in this area and any gadget (smartphone, tablet, laptop) with an Internet connection. The tasks are more like an educational game. The complexity of the tasks depends on the knowledge level; it can be found out by passing a simple test. The result of all solved tasks is automatically recorded in the database and thus the neural network is trained with the help of platform users. In case of any difficulties with connection, customer support is always in touch, which solves both general issues and technical problems.

The device you need to purchase to successfully train AI is called Raspberry Pi. It is a mini single-board computer that fits in your pocket. You can take it with you on a trip or even to a party. Why Raspberry Pi? This device can act like a robot brain, smart home hub, media center, artificial intelligence network core, factory controller, and so on. In the process of training artificial intelligence, you can use either one device or several. The power of the Raspberry Pi is enough for comfortable Internet surfing, working with documents, spreadsheets and presentations, but at the same time, the device is more energy-efficient and much cheaper than a regular computer.

AI training algorithms and examples

Machine training takes place by solving problems of varying complexity. The complexity of tasks related to machine training is selected for each user individually, depending on the general level of education. For example, there are simple tasks that are more like a child’s game, where you need to choose pictures with an object. You shouldn’t be afraid of such tasks. However, there are more complex tasks, which are divided into different areas of activity. For example, a task that concerns the medical field: determine or refute the presence of a tumor in a patient. And in the field of geology, it will be necessary to determine the places of minerals presence. It may seem that one cannot do without specialized knowledge. But, according to statistics, 97% of users achieve success in machine training. There can be an infinite number of tasks’ examples for training neural networks in different fields of activity and absolutely everyone can cope with them. The technology for selecting tasks is designed in such a way that each user can cope with it.

The Sypwai algorithm works according to the technology familiar to everyone. Facebook and Instagram algorithms work using the same technology. The system reacts to the signals of the gadget, which, in turn, reads data about the offered news and advertisements. As soon as the user stops at a post or, on the contrary, skips it, likes or reposts some news, the system will immediately track this action and transfer everything to the database. Information is accumulated and thus the neural networks are trained.


To start training artificial intelligence, you first need to register. Registration does not take much time and requires minimal effort. To register, you must specify your username, password, confirm your email, confirm your mobile phone number, follow the further instructions. If you have any difficulties with registering, you can contact the customer support service. Problems that can arise during registration: mail blocking, incorrect password, no SMS with a code is received to the specified phone number, no SMS with a code is sent to the mail. Also, the customer support service helps to resolve technical issues related to the Raspberry Pi device.

Immediately after successful registration, the user will be able to connect the Raspberry Pi according to the instructions and start making money by training artificial intelligence. The money will be transferred to the specified account. Then the money can be accumulated or transferred to a bank card.

How to buy the device?

To start training artificial intelligence, you need to buy an SYPWAI device. There are several options for purchasing SYPWAI. You can purchase either a Raspberry Pi device delivered to your home, or you can buy a part of Sypwai’s capacity. The success of AI training is independent of choice.

Payment for the purchase of a Sypwai device is accepted in any way. You can pay by card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, online banking (payment in the app or on the website), cryptocurrency, cheques, via Pay Pal, EasyPay, LiqPay, using an electronic wallet. Delivery is carried out from a week to several months, depending on the user's location. The faster the purchase of Sypwai is made, the faster the user can start training artificial intelligence. The neural network training begins when the user registers on the platform, connected the device purchased from Sypwai according to the instructions, and began to perform tasks.

Sypwai latest news

How to become a member of the program?

Anyone can join the program. SYPWAI has made sure that this form of income, such as training in artificial intelligence, is simple and concise. So far, you can only join SYPWAI in test mode. The easiest and only way to join SYPWAI today is as follows: a user takes a referral link from a regional manager, who registers a user, issues instructions, and answers general questions regarding training a neural network during the entire period of cooperation. You can join the program from any country, from any continent, at any time of the day. For the convenience of users, the platform and customer support work 24/7. If you have any questions regarding the SYPWAI platform, you can call the hotline, describe the problem and get help.

All personal data provided by the user to join the program is encrypted and publicly unavailable. SYPWAI does not provide access to user data to other companies or institutions. All information is strictly confidential.

After the successful launch of the SYPWAI platform beta version, all information received from users for training artificial intelligence is collected, processed, and, depending on the results, the launch date of the full-fledged program will be announced. No user will miss the date when it will be possible to join the modified SYPWAI platform, since information about the launch will come to the user’s account.

Reviews from program users

For the convenience of future users, SYPWAI asks those who have already begun artificial intelligence training to leave feedback on the platform. All user reviews are written by real people who share their experience of cooperation with SYPWAI. Most of them earn about $ 600 a month. The reasons why people choose SYPWAI are different. Someone uses the platform as a hobby, someone considers working at SYPWAI as an additional income, someone sees in artificial intelligence an opportunity to optimize their business, someone wants to influence the future using a neural network, someone wants to improve the ecology and get closer to obtaining green energy, and someone realized that the previous place of work no longer attracts and completely devoted himself to neural network training.

The advantage of user reviews is that everyone interested in working with SYPWAI can study all the available information, conduct an analysis and draw their conclusion about the startup. This type of earnings is not tied to time or place and completely depends on the preferences of the user. Therefore, it is suitable for students, people with disabilities, and retirees. New users can also leave their feedback on the platform so that when the platform is launched, SYPWAI can bring the platform to perfection.