Used Furniture Online Marketplace E-commerce, Startups, Web Apps



AptDeco (USA)

Industry: Furniture

Cooperated as: Subcontractor

Contracted for: Backend development

Keywords: PHP (Zend), MySQL, Online Payments, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Cloud Hosting

We were contracted by the service vendor of the customer to develop the backend functionality for the used furniture online marketplace.



Our team launched a unique online e-commerce service to buy and sell used furniture. Users can create their profiles, list the items for sale, accept payment online and set pick up or delivery dates for the preferred items.


Key Features

  1. Fast and easy personal messaging. Personal messaging allows the sellers and buyers to exchange info about the products and delivery options.
  2. User can specify the time and location of preferred delivery. The order will be delivered free of charge by the one of the accredited delivery partners.
  3. Rating and reviews system.
  4. Payment hold (escrow) system. Money will be released to the seller right after the delivery is confirmed by the buyer.
  5. Timely e-mail and SMS notifications. Users will not miss any status change of the products and orders.


Choosing the way to shop or filter through the furniture


User can login with AptDeco or Facebook account


User can list the furniture for sale with various parameters


User can manage the furniture for sale on his page


Choosing delivery method



Used Technologies

PHP (Zend Framework), MySQL, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront

Payment system: Balanced Payments

Backend infrastructure: several Amazon EC2 servers with load balancing, Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront to store and distribute media and content.


Used Services

Web Solution Development


Project Duration

1 month