Skyfan Network Aviation, Online Communities, Startups, Web Apps



Skyfan Network (Netherlands)

Industry: Internet, Aviation, Travel

Cooperated as: Contractor

Contracted for: Backend and frontend development

Keywords: PHP (Kohana), MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, API’s, AngularJS, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, system integration



Skyfan Network is a Dutch startup aiming to create a multilingual social networking community for the aviation enthusiasts. They approached us with a request to create a prototype of such network.



Skyfan UI Prototype

We worked closely with the customer and their potential customers on gathering and analysis of the requirements. As a result we created a number of wireframes. Later we converted the approved ones into the visually appealing pages.


Unauthorized users see this page. Login is by invite only.


Authorized user will see the homepage this way.


Searching the photos based on the submitted parameters.

Skyfan Photos Page


Key Features

  1. Users can login using their Skyfan, Facebook or Google account. Currently only invited users can gain full access to the system.
  2. Multilingual user interface and content. User interface can be translated into several languages.
  3. User can filter on the languages of the content they understand and skip the rest. This is possible thanks to the ability to detect the language of the content before it is published.
  4. User can upload the photos.
  5. Semantic search through the photos. This is done thanks to the ability of the user to identify the objects shown on the photos (aircraft designation, type, operator, place, etc.).


Used Technologies

PHP (Kohana Framework), MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, Rackspace Web Services, Amazon Web Services, AngularJS, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap.


Used Services

  1. Agile Requirements Management
  2. User Interface Prototyping
  3. User Interface Design
  4. Web Development


Project Duration

6 months