Online File Sharing Application Finance, Web Apps



BWIC.com (USA)

Industry: Finance

Cooperated as: Subcontractor

Contracted for: Backend and frontend component development

Keywords: PHP (CodeIgniter), JavaScript, HTML5

We were contracted by the service vendor of the customer to develop the backend functionality together with some frontend components for the online file sharing application.



This application is designed for a particular group of users to share files delivering exhaustive information on different transactions performed worldwide. The website provides an intuitive user interface for investors and buyers of various bonds and shares.

BWIC.com provides an opportunity to share variety of files (attachments) merged into one group called BWIC. Shared files may include different financial information that is easy to view, edit and download from any available PC. BWIC.com is an effective file sharing tool that organizes thousands of files from thousands of people to one comprehensive interface.


Key Features

  1. Enhanced search. It allows the user to find the documents (BWIC) created at any time.
  2. Developed and integrated upload and download grids. They allow the user to copy/paste meanings from the file to the grid and backwards, exactly the same way it is possible in the Excel-like spreadsheets.
  3. Administrative interface. Administrator can see the detailed statistics. It covers the number of files that has been created, attached, uploaded, shared or downloaded. Additionally it allows to create, assign, ban or delete the service members.






Operations possible with the developed grid component


Used Technologies

PHP (CodeIgniter), JavaScript, HTML5


Used Services

  1. User Interface Prototyping
  2. User Interface Design
  3. Web Solution Development


Project Duration

2 months