Once a website or an application is launched, it is time to raise your new child: to watch and fix the problems, to add content, etc. Support is what you need.

It is great if you got the specialists able to support your product. Usually it is not the case. Sometimes you need someone to fix everything accurately and on time. Your product is like a baby. It needs care and attention while it is growing. We will take care of it for you.


Ideal For


Fixing the technical and non-technical issues, such as:

  1. Hosting
  2. Setting up a server
  3. Registering a domain name
  4. Fixing mail problems
  5. Performance analysis and improvement
  6. Data migration
  7. Fail-over
  8. Backup
  9. Incorporating changes to the design or code
  10. Publishing news or adding products to the catalog on an ongoing basis
  11. and more…


What You Get


  1. Dedicated specialist eager to assist you
  2. Account in issue management system (Redmine or JIRA)


How We Work



We sign a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) with you for support. It will cover response time, number of hours, types of works, our guarantees, etc.