The User Interface Design is mainly not about how the product looks, but how it works, i.e. how the user interacts with it. It is crucial for any product, be that an aircraft avionics, a railway ticket terminal, a website or a mobile app. An easy-to-use, logical, efficient user interface will increase the ROI and the overall customer satisfaction.


What You Get


For websites we design the mobile-ready user interfaces. Your website should look adequately well on all modern devices.

For mobile apps we design the cross-platform user interfaces (e.g. UI for Windows Phone will look the same as for iOS/Android) as well as the user interfaces for a particular platform (e.g. UI for Windows Phone will differ from iOS/Android).

Design of all screens will be delivered in PSD (Photoshop) format.



How We Work



Analyzing Product Requirements

Every product be that an aircraft or software is designed based on the customer requirements. Our UX Expert will analyze your high-level business requirements to your end product and the overall information about your business and goals.



User Interface Prototyping

UI design affects ROI. Our UX Expert starts with the UI prototyping. This stage is one of the most important ones when designing a successful website or an application. Basically the developed page structure you can see as a separate product. As a result you get the UI mockups (wireframes).

You may also order this phase as a separate service, see UI Prototyping service.


Delivering Visual Design

We will discuss the ideas and references of your project. Not all ideas can be applied for your end users, not any idea can be realized within your budget and given time. With your cooperation we will find the best design solutions for your project.

A small website or a mobile application generally contains 7-15 various templates of presenting an information. Each requires unique visualization. All visualization details must be incorporated. Our UI Designer will create a set of pages, interactive elements and various states.




You may also order the page template development out of the existing PSD file.

In this case you will get the cross-browser responsive HTML5/CSS3 prototype of your website together with the interactive elements based on JavaScript. The website will be shown well both on the desktop and the mobile devices.

psd-to-html5 responsive-ui-design



Mobile Apps


We design for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Check out our Mobile App Development service.

iOS Android Windows Phone Blackberry


Delivery Time


S Projects: 32+ hours S Projects: 32+ hours
M, L Projects: 80+ hours M, L Projects: 80+ hours

Payment Conditions


S Projects: 100% Pre-payment S Projects: 100% Pre-payment
M, L Projects: 50% Pre-payment, 50% After Delivery M, L Projects: 50% Pre-payment, 50% After Delivery