Mobile application will allow your business to directly engage with your consumers, customers or staff.

Mobile App Development


Smartphones and tablets are now dominating the business world. For some businesses smartphone and tablet apps are their businesses. We can develop the smart client and thin client applications, mobile websites, as well as enterprise systems with mobile clients.


Ideal For


  1. Building loyalty to your brand, stickiness to a business process or engagement to your event.
  2. Building an always connected relationship with your customers and employees.
  3. Accessing and purchasing your products from any device.
  4. Remaining your business on the cutting edge in the rapidly changing world of technologies.
  5. Increasing the revenue, productivity and engagement.


Popular Apps

The most successful apps in the App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store:

  1. Entertainment / Gaming
  2. Content (News, Sports, Entertainment, Events)
  3. Utility (Simplifying a difficult task)
  4. Search (Shopping, Directory, Jobs, Real Estate)
  5. Transactional (Ability to purchase directly in app)
Mobile Platforms & User Experience (UX)

One of the difficulties with mobile application development is the variety of mobile platforms. The user experience on Windows Phone is totally different from iOS or Android phones. If you are used, for example, to swipe but not to scroll, you will most likely ignore using an application. If there are much more users like you, the ROI may be affected badly. To help you to make the right choice regarding the user interface design(s) necessary for your mobile app, it is important to know more about the end users of your app.

Types of Mobile Apps


Mobile Web App


Mobile Web App is the easiest and cheapest option if you have a website that is difficult to read on the mobile devices. The will be built with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.


Alternatively, you may ask us to re-design your website to make its design responsive, looking modern and great on all devices, be that mobile or desktop (check out our UI Design service).

html5 css3 js


Hybrid App


Hybrid app takes advantage of the cross-compatibility of web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, but bypasses the shortcomings that web apps may have. This is possible with PhoneGap mobile framework. PhoneGap allows the web technologies to access some native functions of a mobile device.

html5 css3 js phonegap


Cross-Platform App


Cross-Platform approach allows us to create and utilize a single codebase (with little possible additions per each platform) but native look-and-feel per each mobile plarform. This is not possible with Hybrid apps. This is possible with Xamarin mobile framework (C#, XAML). Xamarin generates the native code for each platform (Blackberry is not supported). This is an ideal choice and substantial money savings if you need your app to work on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.



Native App


This is a very expensive option when you have to support multiple platforms. This approach requires developing the codebase for each platform separately using various programming languages (Objective C, Java, C#). But if you know the users of your app use a specific device only (e.g. iPad only, Android only, Blackberry only), this is by far the best option. Native approach can be used as a solution for the mobile clients (working on a specific platform) to the enterprise systems.



How We Work


Idea → Requirements → Prototyping → Design → Implementation → QA → App Store → Support



Analyzing Product Requirements

We will analyze your business goals and the problems a particular web solution should solve. This will allow us to foresee the required set of features, interactions and to estimate the project.


User Interface Prototyping

Our UX Expert starts with UI prototyping. This stage is one of the most important ones when designing a successful website or an application (check our UI Prototyping service). As a result you get the UI mockups (wireframes).


Delivering Visual Design

Our UI Designer will create a set of screens, interactive elements and various states (check out our UI Design service). We will also discuss the ideas and references of your project.



Our Mobile App Developers implement the screen templates and business logic.

We can also develop the Content Management System or a simple admin panel for your application to manage the content.


Quality Assurance

Our QA specialists will make sure the delivered product is bug free and stable.



Project goes live and is published to the app store(s).



We are nearby for any issue that may occur or request that you may have. Just let us know. We will be glad to help.


Working Conditions



We sign with you a Contract for development services covering the expected results, types of works, deadlines, payment conditions, etc.


We sign with you the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This is optionally.


Payment Conditions


50% before each project iteration, 50% after each project iteration 50% before each project iteration, 50% after each project iteration