How We Work


We begin our customer relationship with a risk-free short-term Pilot Project. It will mitigate your risk of working with an external service vendor.


This Allows You


  1. Getting acquainted with our technical and non-technical staff.
  2. Assessing the quality of the consulting, code, design or support that we provide.
  3. Be sure you are comfortable with our level of communication, our ability to understand your requirements, and that we provide efficient technical assumptions.
  4. Deciding about future long-term cooperation with our team.


What You Get


  1. An opportunity to assess the quality and the speed of our work.
  2. An opportunity to accurately evaluate our working processes, project management, reporting, and communication skills.
  3. No contract obligations and the ability to terminate the work at any time.
  4. No substantial investments at this stage.
  5. The ability to avoid loss of time and money in a way chosen by the provider.
  6. An opportunity to establish good partnership relationship and ensure that our team will help to deliver the functionality needed in production.


How We Work


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We invite you for a kick-off meeting to get acquainted and talk through how we could help with your products and ongoing needs.


We ask you to provide more information on your corporate background, expertise, previous partners, etc. That will allow us to form a basic idea about your company and company’s needs.


We review the pilot project details and carefully analyze the requirements, as well as discuss and agree on what we can deliver.


We discuss the project completion and delivery requirements. You will be provided with ample opportunity to discuss your ideas and suggestions about the work.


Based on your feedback we move to further steps in planning.

Pricing Model

We agree on Pricing Model (Time & Materials or Fixed Price) and Project Management Approach.


We discuss with you a form of our cooperation and sign the necessary documents (usually Non-Disclosure Agreement, Contract).