Nearshore Agile Development
2 years > 13 companies > 21 projects


About Us

We are a small young dynamic company operated from The Hague (The Netherlands). Our implementation teams are located in Minsk (Belarus), Kharkov (Ukraine) and Moscow (Russia). Each has their own specific strengths and field of expertise.


Facts about Media Projects BG

In operation since: 2013
Operated from: The Hague (The Netherlands)
Implementation centers: 60+ professionals with an average experience in IT industry of 5.5 years in Minsk (Belarus), Kharkov (Ukraine) and Moscow (Russia)
Customers in: The Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Russia
Customers range: small-to-medium businesses, nonprofits, start-ups
Business domain expertise: E-commerce & Retail, Travel & Booking, Aviation, Finance, Medicine, Publishing, Education, Real Estate, Sports
Technology expertise: Ruby (Ruby-on-Rails), PHP (CodeIgniter, Kohana, Laravel, Symfony, Zend), Java, C#, NodeJS, AngularJS, jQuery, HTML5, Xamarin, PhoneGap, CMS (WP, Drupal, Magento)



8 Reasons to Work With Us

  1. Access to the senior level IT Professionals with knowledge of rare technologies.
  2. Outstanding Quality of Work with Perfect Results. Happy returning client is a priority for us.
  3. 40-60% Cost Reduction. Thanks to nearshoring you can do more for the same money.
  4. Agile Approach To Change. The modern market is very dynamic. We have to be able catch and pass the ball when it is needed. Therefore we use SCRUM for 95% of the projects.
  5. No or Almost No Time Difference. This allows communication within the normal working hours for the European customers.
  6. We Share Your Culture. We share similar work ethics, loyalty and enthusiasm for the company, team and project.
  7. Personalized Approach. Even though we love automation we believe the strong business relationship can only be developed in person.
  8. Stable European Company. Our company is registered in The Netherlands. The financial transactions go via the Dutch bank and reported to the Dutch Tax Service.



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