Online Deal Platform E-commerce, Web Apps



Dollarhood.com (USA)

Industry: E-commerce

Cooperated as: Subcontractor

Contracted for: Backend development

Keywords: Ruby (Ruby-on-Rails), Redis, MySQL, API’s, AngularJS, CoffeeScript, online payments, cloud platform

We were contracted by the service vendor of the customer to develop an online platform for making deals $1.00 each. The business model: purchase an offer for $1.00, then get a discount at the targeted local or online business.





Offer Page

Offer Board


Business Profile

Adding Offer

Offer Created


Used Technologies

Ruby-on-Rails, MySQL, Redis, oAuth, CoffeeScript/JavaScript, jQuery, HAML, Rspec, Capybara, Heroku

Email notifications: Sendgrid

Payment systems: PayPal, Btraintree


Used Services

  1. User Interface Prototyping
  2. User Interface Design
  3. Web Solution Development


Project Duration

1 month