HV-EHC Handball Club Online Communities, Sports, Web Apps



HV-EHC (Netherlands)

Industry: Sports

Cooperated as: Subcontractor

Contracted for: User interface design, Drupal implementation, SMM consulting

Keywords: Drupal CMS, MySQL



Contractor of the Dutch handball club HV-EHC approached us with a necessity to create a new website. It had to allow the club’s editorial team to manage the content by themselves and to add the advertisement sections. The visual design should have been compatible with the club branding colors.



The contractor had a negative experience with the previous subcontractor. Therefore they tried to influence the design specifics right during our first meeting. Instead we proposed another way our of cooperation. We proposed to start finding out information about the target audience, the specifics of club memberships, the sponsors and their interests, etc. Our questions on these subjects allowed the contractor to focus on the business side whereas we were trusted to focus on the technical side, i.e. our expertise.



Upon receiving all necessary answers we created a few mockups of the website pages. That allowed us to organize a productive meeting with our customer (contractor). That allowed the contractor to organize a productive meeting with their customer, i.e. the club.


After the information architecture was approved we started to work on the visual design and website implementation.


We also invited our partner specialized on Social Media Marketing to consult the club on promoting their website and their activities.


Used Technologies

Drupal Content Management System.


Used Services

  1. Agile Requirements Management
  2. User Interface Prototyping
  3. User Interface Design
  4. Web Development
  5. Social Media Consulting


Project Duration

4 months



2 months after we transmitted all project files to our customer we knew the club changed the contractor. That, unfortunately, affected our agency too. Another contractor and subcontractor was chosen by the club. The current club website, unfortunately, is not fully compliant with the visual design we delivered.