Gemotest Medical Labs Webshop E-commerce, Health, Webshops



Gemotest (Russia)

Industry: Medicine

Cooperated as: Subcontractor

Contracted for: PSD2HTML implementation, Bitrix implementation

Keywords: PSD2HTML, Bitrix CMS, MySQL



The service vendor of Gemotest approached us to implement the frontend of the webshop based on the already designed user interface. Gemotest is network of medical laboratories in Russia allowing you to pass various kinds of medical tests. The website shows detailed information about each test, allows to book a test, to estimate the costs, search for the medical specialist, access the personal page, see the results of passed tests online, etc.



Client supplied us with a ready-made webshop design (in PSD format). We created the HTML5 templates and a custom theme for Bitrix CMS. The frontend functionality that we created contains such features as analysis cost estimation calculators, mapping functionality to search for the medical specialists, application for a test, etc.




Analysis Cost Calculator

Analysis Selector

Spealist Search


Used Services

User Interface Design (PSD-to-HTML5, theme)


Used Technologies

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), Bitrix, MySQL


Project Duration

1 month